Chairman - Vincent E. Kearns

Executive Vice President - Daniel V. Kearns

Vice President Manufacturing
Robert J. Aversano

- Daniel P. Shannon

Vincent E. Kearns

A native of New York, New York, Mr. Kearns is a graduate of Villanova University (B.S., Commerce and Finance, 1962).
    After earning his wings and flying on active duty for the U.S. Navy, Mr. Kearns was employed by Humble Oil Company in a variety of West Coast locations with marketing responsibilities.
    Mr. Kearns joined BH Aircraft Company, Inc. as Sales Director in 1971, and was promoted to Vice President in 1978 and President in 1982. In December 1995, he was appointed as Chairman.
    Mr. Kearns serves as a Director of his Company and is currently a member of the Board of Governors of Aerospace Industries Association, as well as a member of the Association's Finance Committee.

Daniel V. Kearns
Executive Vice President

Mr. Kearns is a graduate of Villanova University (B.S., Economics-1989) and holds supplementary education certificates from The New York Institute of Finance.
    As a part time employee, Daniel spent his school recess periods working at B. H. Aircraft Company between the ages of 16 and 22 years. During this tour of duty, Mr. Kearns held numerous direct labor and office positions.
    Upon completion of undergraduate studies, Mr. Kearns joined aerospace leader Grumman Corporation (now Northrop Grumman Corporation) in 1990 as a contract administrator under the F-14 Tomcat Program.  In this capacity, Mr. Kearns gained an education in Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and performed proposal preparation and negotiation efforts in association with F-14D, F-14D(R) and F-14 Quick Strike configurations.
    Mr. Kearns joined B. H. Aircraft Company as a full time employee in 1994 as Contracts Manager and was promoted to Vice President in 1997.  In 1999, he was appointed as Executive Vice President.
     Mr. Kearns serves on the Board of Directors of his company and Production Cable Industries (Bohemia, NY), and is an active member of the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA).

Robert J. Aversano
Vice President, Manufacturing

Mr. Aversano is a graduate of the City University of New York (A.A.S. Mechanical Technology, 1970) and is a native New Yorker. He served in the USAR from 1970-1976 and continued his education during that time at Brooklyn Polytechnical Institute and New York Institute of Technology.
    Mr. Aversano was employed by Kerns Manufacturing Corporation (an Aerospace Subcontractor for General Electric and Pratt & Whitney) from 1970-1987 where he held the position of Director of Quality Control and Engineering.  In August of 1987, Mr. Aversano joined B. H. Aircraft Company as Plant Manager, and in 1993 was promoted to Vice President - Manufacturing.
     Mr. Aversano has served on the Board of Directors of the National Institute for Metalworking Skills, National Tooling and Machining Association, and Tooling & Machining Institute of Long Island.  In addition, he was President of the National Tooling and Machining Association from 1990-1993, and President of the Long Island Tooling and Machining Institute from 1993-1996.
     In 1996, Mr. Aversano was awarded the “The Man of The Year Award” by the Commack Board of Education for being the inspiration of the “Commack High School Work-Based Educational Experience”, which continues to reach out to the High School students of Long Island in an attempt to familiarize them with the benefits of pursuing a career in the field of Mechanical Engineering.


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